Genealogy and History in Alsace
October the 1st 2000 - December the 31th 2003

Caution! The "Alain Eckes's Genealogical Office" stopped his activities on December 31, 2003. Its publications nevertheless keep on being available in the CDHF in Guebwiller.
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The "Alain Eckes's Genealogical Office" has stopped his activities on December 31, 2003.

I wish to thank warmly all the ladies and gentlemen who offered me their trust during more than three years by asking for my help for their research.

My thank also goes to the crews of the Genealogical Center, of the Archives and Libraries, who always welcomed me warmly and friendly, specially the crews of the Centre Départemental d'Histoire des Familles (CDHF) in Guebwiller and of the Archives départementales du Haut-Rhin in Colmar.

All the publications of the Genealogical Office will keep on being available in the CDHF in Guebwiller. An Introducing list of these publications, as well as lists of the mentioned surnames can be found on this site.

Perhaps we'll meet each other soon in some library... or elsewhere!

Genealogically yours
Alain Eckes

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Latest publications:

Les survivants haut-rhinois des armées napoléoniennes - Volume 1. read

Matrimonalia - Nos ancêtres jugés par le tribunal épiscopal
Volume 2: Les litiges matrimoniaux de Haute-Alsace - 1745-1756. read

Nos ancêtres au service du roi de France
Volume 3: Les miliciens de Haute-Alsace au XVIIIe siècle. read

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